High Pressure and Spray Tanning Packages in Greenville, NC

Are you looking to maximize your indoor tanning efforts? Tan N Bed’s high pressure tanning package will help you do just that with its revolutionary 360-degree, high-pressure tanning bed!

High-Pressure Beds

The Sun Italia™ Magic 636 and Saturn High Pressure beds are by far the strongest tanning beds in the world. They offer among other things:

  • Eight lamp levels: These high-pressure beds allow salon owners to individually control the output of the powerful ultraviolet lamps in order to reduce the output when the lamps are new, and gradually increase the UV rays as the lamps age.
  • Safety features: LED diagnostic messages allow us to fix problems quickly. There are also individual safety sensors on each cobalt blue filter.
  • Instant color results: For those with busy schedules who want instant gratification, the Magic 636 or Saturn High Pressure is it! While low-pressure tanning beds require 10-15 visits to establish a base tan, this bed requires just 3-4 sessions.
  • Burn protection: They distribute 99% of the UVA tanning ray and only 1% of the UVB ray. Therefore depending on your skin type, you should not burn in this unit.

Get the dark, fast tan of your dreams!

Our Mystic Tan HD Sunless unit is great in preparing for weddings, proms, and vacations in the Greenville and surrounding eastern North Carolina are! And with its use, maintaining your color is a cinch…

Going Sunless is the easiest way to give yourself a complete makeover in just minutes. The Mystic Tan HD adds beautiful natural looking color to your skin. So when you need to look and feel your best go sunless. There are many benefits of sunless tanning. It also decreases the appearance of cellulite and blemishes and increases self-esteem and self-confidence.

Contact us today to learn more about our platinum tanning package and Magic 636 High-Pressure Bed! Or stop by in person at our Evans Street location.