Premier Membership Programs in Greenville, NC

Tan N Bed’s Premier Membership Programs offer you the biggest bang for your buck. Our Premier Membership program offers unlimited tanning of your choice of any UV Level and Sunless option. It’s available in our Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Premier Membership Program. At Tan N Bed we make every effort to provide our clients with affordable Membership options. Most of our clients are members and our Premier Membership Program has its advantages, with member only promotions and special pricing.

At Tan N Bed, you will find incredible value with our Premier Membership Special Pricing. The Silver Membership offers Unlimited Access to our standard 15-minute sunbeds. This option offers the best value if you are looking to achieve a base tan. Our Silver Level Sunbeds produce lower intensity lamps if you prefer a long, relaxing tanning session. We value helping our customers make educated choices on the services and products that will benefit their tanning needs most.

Tan N Bed is known for providing excellent customer service. Our trained staff is always ready to give you a tour previewing each piece of tanning equipment. This allows our staff to help you choose the membership that meets your unique tanning goals. With our Gold Level Membership, enjoy Unlimited Access to all four high intensity level beds as well as our 15 minute Silver Level Sunbeds. With higher intensity lamps, our Gold Members usually opt for 10-15 Minute Exposure Schedules that darken your base tan. Your results are always nothing short of perfection.

Tan N Bed can help maximize your tanning efforts with our ultra-bronze Platinum Level Membership. Featuring our State-Of-The-Art High Pressure Magic 636 and Saturn Stand-Up the Platinum Level offers Unlimited Access to All UV Equipment. The Platinum Membership is great for those with busy schedules who want instant gratification. The Platinum Level Equipment deepens and maintains color with shorter Exposure times.

Get the sun-kissed look of your dreams with Tan N Bed!

With Our Diamond Membership, you’ll have the best mix of Sunbeds and Unlimited Access to the Mystic Tan HD at the price that is perfect for you! Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about purchasing new tans when you come in to the salon – your trips to Tan N Bed will simply be to relax and tan. Our Diamond Membership is our most Exclusive level providing quicker results for that stunning bronze glow. With unlimited access to the Mystic Tan HD our Diamond Members are provided with minimum exposure and maximum bronzing.

Premier Membership Benefits

Unlimited Tanning

50% Off all retail products the day of sign-up

50% Off all upgrades

Fixed Monthly fee with automatic payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Enrollment fee may apply

Freeze & Save Program

Not tanning for a month or more? Place a freeze on your membership for only $5 per month. Earn $5 in Bonus Bucks for each month your membership is frozen.

Bonus Bucks can be used for any in-store purchase upon re-activation of your membership.

Re-activate your membership without a new setup fee! Pro-rated fee may apply.

Memberships must be frozen a minimum of 30 days.

Premier Cancellation

Cancellations must be received before the 1st of each month.

At your convenience, simply stop by our Evans St. location to speak with one of our Tanning Consultants for assistance.

All Memberships must remain active for at least 90 days or 3 consecutive EFT periods.
Contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our esteemed tanning specialists. We are conveniently located on Evans Street in Greenville, NC.