Tanning Services

At Tan N Bed, we understand that each of our clients have unique tanning goals. We strive to help you achieve those goals as quickly and effortlessly as possible with our Greenville, NC pay-as-you-go and premier tanning salon membership programs.

Pay-As-You-Go Program

Tan N Bed’s pay-as-you-go program allows you to pay a set amount per month for unlimited access to services available in our silver, gold, or platinum tanning packages. Whether you’re looking to build your base tan or maximize your indoor tanning efforts–our pay-as-you-go program is guaranteed to have an option to suit your Greenville tanning needs!

Premier Membership Program

If you’re planning to tan year-round you can save money by signing up today for our premier membership program. Our Premier Membership program offers unlimited tanning of your choice of any UV Level and Sunless option. It’s available in our Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Premier Membership Program. Tan N Bed is equipped with the latest and most innovative tanning technologies, from our calming 15 Minute UV Sessions to our State of the Art High Pressure tanning units and more.

Our basic and most affordable membership is the “silver” option. This Membership offers you unlimited access to our standard 15-minute sunbeds. This alternative program is perfect for those you who want to achieve that golden base tan. If you prefer an extensive relaxing tanning session, Our Silver Option may be right for you. The Silver Sunbeds are featured with lower intensity lamps that stimulate optimal melanin production. We also offer a “gold” and “platinum” option.
Tan N Bed’s Gold Premier Option will take your tan to the next level. With color enhancing amenities, the “gold” option offers you the biggest bang for your buck. In addition to the Silver Level Sunbeds, you will receive unlimited access to the next four high-intensity gold level beds for just a little more each month. More options include unlimited access to our stand-up equipment and larger tanning levels for overall maximum coverage and high quality facial bronzers. Plus the high-intensity body lamps allows for quicker tanning results and a more comfortable tanning space for our clients. .

For those with busy schedules who want instant gratification, our UV Platinum benefits may be right for you. Maximize your tanning efforts with our Platinum Level Sunbeds. This program offers Unlimited Access to All UV Equipment. Enjoy Unlimited Access to all our Silver, Gold and Platinum Level Beds. Our Platinum UV selection offers High Pressure tanning for a deeper, darker, longer-lasting tan; while low-pressure beds require 10-15 tanning visits to establish a base tan, the high pressure equipment only requires 3-4 tanning sessions.

Get your All-Access Tan N Bed Pass with our Diamond Advantage program. The Diamond membership reserves Unlimited Access to All Silver, Gold and Platinum Sunbeds plus Mystic HD Booths! The latest in sunless tanning technology, our Mystic Tan solutions use Magne Tan to Apply a Uniform amount of tanning solution to your entire body and leave you with the streak-free, natural-looking tan of your dreams.

Tan N Bed’s Diamond Access provides our clients with the option to indulge in what is widely referred to as the ultimate “cocktail” tanning experience. For immediate dark tanning results our sales team suggests utilizing the Platinum Level High Pressure equipment followed by the Mystic Tan HD, leaving you with flawless results.


High Pressure and Spray Tanning

Looking to save money by bundling visits? We offer pay-as-you-go options for both our High Pressure and Spray Tanning booths and with its use, maintaining your color is a cinch…

At Tan N Bed, you will find that our High Pressure Sunbeds and Mystic HD booths are great advantages for preparing for weddings, proms and vacations. Instant tan provided by Mystic Tan HD is a great option if you have trouble tanning, this UV-Free Solution is right for you.

Our High performance Magic 636 and Saturn High Pressure booths bring you the results you desire when it comes to the picture-perfect tan!

Just 1-3 Visits a month and you will preserve the dark tanning results you crave. When you consider all the time and effort you’ll save with our state-of-the-art High Pressure Tanning and Mystic Tan Sunless Option, it feels almost like MAGIC.

Stop by our Evans Street location to have one of our Greenville, NC tanning consultants assist you in the process.